LATIERRA is a Canadian brand, co-founded in 2015 by Susana Chi and Christina Chi, mother and daughter team to develop global distributorship of high end alpaca bedding, home fashion accessories and women wear utilizing the natural and sustainable characteristics of the luxurious and noble fiber “alpaca”.

Susana, president of LATIERRA, with her successful entrepreneurship in international trading in home accessories and housewares of over 30 years she created LATIERRA with a purpose of developing a sustainable and ethical business conduct to build the foundation of the company. She has a clear vision; to add value to the alpaca fiber, and to set standards for quality and design. Susana has a unique talent for developing valuable business relationships due to her high ethical standards.

Christina, creative director and head of production of LATIERRA, was a former IT business consultant at the world leading consulting firms based in Downtown Toronto. Her instinctive sense of fashion and her endless passion about creating  products that are essential in our daily life, has turned her vision into designing meaningful products that represents the love and care for nature, using the ever emerging natural fiber, alpaca.

All of LATIERRA’s alpaca products are designed in Canada with love and made in Peru with care from the high altitudes of Andes Mountain, where 100% of sorting, washing, carding, combing, spinning, dyeing and weaving of the fibres are done by the hands of the Peruvian alpaca experts.

LATIERRA is the only Canadian company that is licensed and certified by the International Alpaca Association for the authenticity and the quality of the alpaca fibre we use to produce our products. The alpaca trademark is owned by the International Alpaca Association headquarters located in Peru, Italy and Japan. The AIA has an international recognition and is known to be the only body that guarantees and set standards for the quality of the alpaca fiber. All LATIERRA’s products bear the alpaca original mark certifying the authenticity of the alpaca fiber on our products.

Our mission remains to design and produce rich and quality products with lively stories.